Enterprise & Self-Employment Courses

The modern work place is changing and there has been a significant growth in start-up businesses in recent years. In 2016, there were 5.5 million businesses in the UK with 96% (5.3million) microbusinesses employing 0-9 people. These are the backbone of the UK economy, driving growth, opening new market and creating jobs - therefore their contribution is vital.

Many young people have the skills, passions and attributes that would suit self employment and modern technologies make this more accessible than ever before. Our courses are ideal for hose who want to be their own boss and provides participants with the knowledge and insights into the business world to help them get their ideas off the ground and take the next steps on their entrepreneurial journey.

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GoConnect Enterprise and Business Skills Plan it! Phase

Dragon's Apprentice

Our Youth Enterprise programme adapts key elements from popular TV shows The Apprentice and Dragons Den. Participants will learn all about Enterprise and Entrepreneurship through a series of interactive challenges and activities where they will gain insights into modern routes to employment and the skills and techniques required to become an entrepreneur. Over the duration of the programme the group will develop a real product or a service and get the opportunity to take it to market.

GoConnect Enterprise and Business Skills Build it! Phase

Plan it, Build it, Sell it

Our team enterprise programme supports communities to look at their employment needs and set up an enterprise to boost their local economy. Best delivered over longer periods, this enterprise course gives learners real business experience, working with mentors and entrepreneurs to support their journey. This is a ideal for schools, colleges and other educational establishments where we can work with students over a full term and help set up a sustainable enterprise.

GoConnect Enterprise and Business Skills Sell it! Phase

Taster Days

Our taster days provide learners wtih an insight into our full range of other enterprise programmes and digital skills courses. These sessions are designed to boost the engagement and confidence of particpants and encourages them to identify their aspirations and attend further training. Ideal for introducing apprehensive individuals back into a learning environment. We provide a holistic approach to encourage young people to think outside the box and explore new career paths.

Aims & Learning Outcomes

Our range of innovative enterprise courses sets out to encourage participants to develop their entrepreneurial skills through a series of modules and challenges that harnesses their business potential as well as boosts their employability through growing leadership and teamwork skills. By the end of these courses participants will:

  • Understand the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Identify their own skills and behaviours needed to become an entrepreneur
  • Increase key employability skills (teamwork, communication, problem solving etc.)
  • Gain knowledge of new routes to employment and build key networks
  • Gain practical experience in developing ideas and taking them to market

Who is this course for?

These courses are suited for all young people who may not yet have outlined a chosen career or employment route and have skills, passions and interests in areas they find difficult to connect to. They are suitable for all groups and can be tailored to suit both age and ability and can fit in with other educational programmes. For more information on our Enterprise and Self Employment Courses please contact our GoConnect team by email at info@goconnectwales.org.uk or by phone on 02921 679008.