Digital Skills Courses

The digital transformation of the economy is re-shaping the way people work and do business. New ways of working are affecting the types of skills needed, including innovation and entrepreneurship. Many sectors are undergoing rapid technological change and digital skills are needed for all jobs, from the simplest to the most complex. GoConnect provide an in-depth range of digital technology courses that help learners develop the skills and knowledge required to boost their entry into the modern job market.

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Digital Introduction

This digital literacy programme is a perfect introduction to computer usage for personal life. We cover the crucial aspects of digital literacy including the basic operation of a pc or laptop, web browsing, digital communication and online safety including email, social media platforms, online banking, and basic office packages.

Computer Parts

This course is a great starting point for anyone with an interest in computers, technology or electronics. Participants will learn about the components that make up everyday computers and have the opportunity to dismantle and rebuild a machine to further enhance their learning and skills development.

Website Development

This modern and practical course teaches the core skills required for developing professional quality websites. This programme is ideally suited to people with an interest in the digital technology sector and will provide them with the keys skills and technical attributes that are highly sought after within todays job market.

Professional Social Media

Social media is now a fundamental part of everyday life. Facebook, Twitter and photo sharing platforms have now become a viable marketing platform for small businesses to reach their target market. However, employers also use Social Media for recruitment, investigating candidates before they start interviewing. What does your social media profile say about you?

Developing an Ebook

Whilst physical sales of books are still strong, there is a growing demand for eBooks, especially through online outlets such as Amazon. The key benefit of eBooks to writers is the ability to release titles without the need of a publisher. Our eBook course will show participants the steps involved in creating and launching a story on Amazon.

App Development

Mobile phone and tablet devices are widely used throughout the world and recent years have seen a huge growth in the software development companies who provide apps and other software. Our course encourages creativity and innovation and teaches participants the basics involved in producing apps for a range of smartphones and tablet devices.

Advanced Digital Skills

Our course helps participants utilise digital technology to benefit a workplace in the digital economy. The UK has seen an exponential growth in digital innovation, but the shortage of digital skills is threatening to derail the UK’s position as a dominant force in IT, with a shortfall of around 40,000 people with the necessary STEM skills. GoConnect focus on specialised software packages and provide useful tools that support learners to enter a profession in a modern career.

YouTube Video Creation

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world with over a billion users. YouTube and the mobile version alone, reaches more young adults than any TV network. Furthermore, the number of YouTube channels earning over $1million has increased by 50% each year. Young people are at the forefront of internet culture, and we encourage them to explore careers in these emerging industries. Running a YouTube channel is not just fun it can be very profitable too!

Writing an Online Blog

The internet is a fantastic tool for research and for expression. It provides an accessible and open platform for expert advice and personal opinions alike – and no method is more suitable than a blog. Our course supports learners to create their own webspace and offers them a chance to share their views and knowledge with the world as well as help relax, focus feelings and express themselves. The course also allows learners to demonstrate their talents and helps them get spotted in a crowd.

Aims and Learning Outcomes

The aim of these courses are to improve participant’s digital literacy and develop their computer and technical skills and knowledge in order to improve their prospects of finding employment within a fast-moving sector. By the end of these courses participants will:

  • Gain a better knowledge and understanding of their chosen course
  • Gain accreditation within a variety of digital modules
  • Understand the relevant career paths available to them
  • Make useful connections with key businesses and employers within their chosen field

Who is this course for?

These courses are suited to those with an interest in Computing, I.T and other related Creative Industries. They are suitable for all groups and can be tailored to suit both age and ability and can fit in with other educational programmes. They can be run as taster sessions over one day through to three day courses and longer. We can also help you tailor a specific programme to suit your needs so please get in touch to find out more.

For more information on our Digital Skills Courses please contact our GoConnect team by email at or by phone on 02921 679008.