GoConnect Professional Guidelines

GoConnect Professional Guidelines policy advises GoConnect staff and volunteers on the appropriate processes, proceedures, behaviours and structures necessasary to ensure that they are able to perform their duties in a manner that respects and protects young people, the staff themselves, colleagues and the wider community.

GoConnect Values & Ethics

GoConnect Values and Ethics Policy sets the expected behaviours for staff and volunteers. GoConnect delivers, supports and promotes high quality youth provision and in doing so expects its workers and volunteers to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. This Code of Conduct is in addition to the law, and should be read alongside existing GoConnect Policies and Guidelines

GoConnect Safeguarding Policy

GoConnect Safeguarding Policy aims to protect the safety of children and young people who attend the projects and programmes run by GoConnect and to enable GoConnect staff and volunteers to respond in an informed and confident manner to specific safeguarding concerns.

GoConnect Equal Opportunities Policy

GoConnect are and equal opportunities employer. We are committed to ensuring within the framework of the law that our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender (including gender reassignment), pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, age, marital status or civil partnership status, religious or other similar philosophical belief​.

GoConnect Volunteering Policy

GoConnect Volunteering Policy sets out the broad principles for voluntary involvement in GoConnect. It is of relevance to all within the organisation, including volunteers, staff, members, and those elected or appointed to positions of responsibility. This policy is endorsed by the board of the organisation and will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of GoConnect and its volunteers.